Guide to walking tours of Paris

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Paris balades is designed for residents and faithful visitors of Paris. Here you will find

Tourist spots
museums, monuments, opening hours, internet sites
Modern architecture
and architects, urbanism and the challenges of city planning
A database of guided walking tours of Paris
the "real promenades" arranged by guide.

You can print the maps and lists of sites to bring with you on your journeys by foot or by bicycle...

Visits by Arrondissement (district)

Click on the site or map number
Or, start with the list of neighborhoods ; or, jump in without a map or framework.

Thematic Index
gardens, museums and leisure spots.

Overview of Paris
history, economy and architecture.

history, economy, architecture and art history, urbanism, landscape architecture and science.

Architects and Urbanists
uncover all the works of an

Exploring by Bike, Boat and Bus
maps and guided tours.

Internet Sites
Paris and neighborhood sites (at the bottom of the arrondissement lists).

Documentary Resources and City Planning
Places, reviews, documentation centers, training centers, exhibitions.

Events in Paris
"A Year in Paris",
exhibitions, cinemas, theaters, shows.

Find a tour of the real Paris...

Visitors of Paris
choose your visite by
Organized groups
you can consult a
database of guided tours in Paris and the surrounding regions to organize your visit.


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